WINSLOW — Police broke up a large, raucous party on Cushman Road early Saturday morning and arrested three adults after pulling over a vehicle with three “highly intoxicated” juveniles who were leaving the party house.

Police were called to the residence at 265 Cushman Road twice Friday night for noise and loud music before returning a third time to break up the party, according to a news release from Winslow Police Chief Shawn O’Leary on Monday morning.

There were an estimated 60 intoxicated people at the party and more than 30 vehicles parked in a field, O’Leary said.

Police arrested Samantha Fitch, 24, who was renting the house, Jacob Colson, 25, of Vassalboro, and George Winfield, 23, of Clinton, all on charges of allowing juveniles to possess or consume liquor and disorderly conduct. Bail was set at $250 cash.

Police went to the residence at 10:10 p.m. Friday and again at 1:13 a.m. Saturday morning after receiving complaints of loud noise, music, yelling and screaming coming from the residence. The partygoers were confrontational, and police issued warnings to Fitch, the legal renter, to lower the music and control the party. Fitch was in the process of being evicted by the property management company, according to O’Leary. There had been no complaints about the residence prior to Friday night, he said in an interview Monday.

“Generally we try to work with people that have these types of events. We were assured the party would be stopped and there would be no more loud noise,” O’Leary said. The second time police went to the house, they said that if they had to come back, it would end differently for the residents, he added.

At 2:01 a.m., officers made a traffic stop of a vehicle that was seen leaving the residence on Carter Memorial Drive because of a broken tail light, O’Leary said. During the stop, police found two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old who were “highly intoxicated” and had been drinking at the Cushman Road party. One of the juveniles was so intoxicated she had vomited in the car, O’Leary said Monday.

Officers suspect that the teens in the car tipped off those at the party through a text message that police would be on their way to break it up, O’Leary said.

When officers got to the house, no one answered the door, so they got a search warrant to check the building and called in officers from Waterville for backup.

When they entered the residence, police found beer, wine and hard liquor. Between 25 and 30 people were still present, hiding in rooms and closets, O’Leary said. Police dispersed the party and arrested Fitch, Colson and Winfield, who told officers they were in charge of the party, he added.

Allowing a minor a place to possess or consume alcohol is a class D crime, that carries a mandatory $1,000 fine if the violation involves a minor under the age of 18, according to Maine law.