Re: “Shaw’s mysteriously ends longtime donation program at critical time for food bank” (Dec. 10):

To say that I am shocked and appalled at Shaw’s supermarkets’ “corporate” decision to stop donating food to the food pantries of Maine is a vast understatement.

As a volunteer for several years at Mid Coast Hunger Prevention in Brunswick, I have seen up close and in person what a difference this food has made in the lives of our clients.

And I have a question for “corporate” Shaw’s – what are you going to do with the 400,000 pounds of food that you formerly donated? It is always within a day or two of its expiration date.

Can you sell it to someone? It would be too costly to transport out of state. So, my only conclusion is that you are going to throw away all of this food, which could be of such benefit to so many people.

You owe it to your loyal customers to explain your rationale. And until I hear a reasonable explanation, I will no longer shop at Shaw’s supermarket. I am disgusted.

Judi Stoy