CUMBERLAND — As the clock approached two minutes to play and the Gorham girls’ basketball team clinging to a seven-point lead Wednesday night, Kaylea Lundin unleashed a deep 3-pointer that went in.

Lundin, who scored a game-high 14 points, halted a seven-point run, allowing unbeaten Gorham to finish off a 57-49 victory against Greely.

“Offensively she was in good spots and the shots she took were under control,” said Gorham Coach Laughn Berthiaume. “She really came up big.”

Added Greely Coach Joel Rogers: “That was a huge shot in the fourth quarter. It was a seven- point game when she knocked that down and we were playing well.”

Still, Lundin’s biggest impact came on defense.

“The best part about her all night was her defense,” said Berthiaume. “She had the toughest assignment on the floor. (Anna) DeWolfe isn’t easy to stay with and she shoots it. She’s got tremendous range so you have to be aware where she is all the time, so I thought that was the best thing Kaylea did all day.”

Gorham (5-0) also benefited from getting back Emily Esposito who missed the last games with a wrist injury.

Esposito’s presence was obvious on both ends of the floor; she finished with 12 points, eight rebounds, four assists and three steals.

“She does something well in every single category on the floor,” said Berthiaume. “If you lose one person like that, you lose rebounding, you lose defense, you lose playmaking, you lose scoring. She can score inside and outside. There’s multiple ways she can affect the game, so if you don’t have her, you lose a ton.”

Early on, with Greely keying on Esposito, freshman center Mackenzie Holmes racked up 12 points – all in the first quarter – to go with 10 rebounds.

“She was getting good position and if she gets good position, we can get her the ball close to the rim,” said Berthiaume. “She’s under control and finishes with both hands, so she’s able to get a good attempt.”

Danasia Fennia scored eight points and Kristen Curley had seven for the Rams.

Gorham pulled away late in the third quarter and led by as many as 18 in the opening minutes of the fourth.

Moira Chapin (13 points), Lexi Faietta (13 points), Sarah Felkel (8 points) and DeWolfe (8 points) helped spark the fourth-quarter comeback for Greely (3-2).

“We didn’t expect them to go away,” said Berthiaume. “They can score points in a hurry and have a number of 3-point shooters out there.

“You really teach help defense all year, and then for this game you’re asking the kids not to help but to stay on their girl and protect the 3-point line. I thought we did a good job because that’s a good team that’s going to win a lot of games.”

Added Rogers: “It was by far our best effort of the year, even though it was a losing effort. The amount of energy that we had was great. All I ask is for 32 minutes, and we had a couple of lapses but the girls really battled.”