The other day, I said to my friend Andre, “The Donald isn’t doing the Republican brand a whole lot of good.” Andre’s reply: “He’s not doing much for America’s brand either.” True dat.

Mr. Trump’s popularity is just a symptom of unreasonable hyperbolic fear. He would not be capable of running this fine country and he knows it. He likes the attention, and it may be good for his own brand, but I believe he’ll be even more relieved than I’ll be when people get serious and his numbers plunge.

Radical Islamic terrorists are a scourge that we will most likely have to deal with the rest of our lives. We can and should contain, neuter, reverse and destroy them and their idiotic ideology, but they will never “win”! Why? Love trumps (he doesn’t own the verb yet) hate. Love always wins in the end, and it’s hard-wired into human nature.

If you really want to “Make America Great Again,” open your home, heart and wallet to the less fortunate, which includes scores of Syrian refugees.

To support Donald the Demagogue is to weaken America, the country we all love.

Lee M. Foster