Members of the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club in Cape Elizabeth can once again use its outdoor pistol range, town officials announced Friday.

The town’s approval of safety improvements to the 25-yard range is the latest step in an ongoing conflict between the 61-year-old club and its newer residential neighbors.

The 25-yard range is one of three outdoor shooting ranges at the club at 1250 Sawyer Road that were closed by town officials in July because of safety concerns. The 50-yard and 100-yard ranges remain closed, said Code Enforcement Officer Ben McDougal.

The Town Council granted an operating license to the club in October under a relatively new ordinance designed to address neighbors’ safety concerns. It was contingent on the club ensuring the containment of bullets, controlling access to the shooting ranges and safely managing the property.

McDougal said the club has achieved complete shot containment for the 25-yard range and is expected to continue making improvements to meet the same standard for the 50-yard and 100-yard ranges.

McDougal based his assessment on a report from Rick LaRosa, a Georgia-based, National Rifle Association-endorsed gun range architect who visited and reviewed improvements that the club has made in recent months.

The club also met requirements for a lead management plan, which includes collecting and recycling all bullets shot at the range, McDougal said.

Club President Tammy Walter was celebrating Friday evening when reached by phone for comment.

“I’m grateful the town recognized our intense efforts and saw that we complied with everything they asked for,” Walter said.

Most of the work was done with labor and materials donated by club members and supporters, she said, creating a state-of-the-art range with barriers that control sound and contain shot through design and engineering.

Walter said it will take one to three years to address deficiencies in the 50-yard and 100-yard ranges.