Much has been written about the “insanity” of terrorists on the no-fly list still being allowed to purchase guns in the United States.

Let’s think about this. Foreigners are not allowed to purchase guns – period. Any American can be placed on the no-fly list for many different and vague reasons.

The famous folk singer Cat Stevens was on the list. His present name is Yusuf Islam. Sen. Ted Kennedy was on the list. It seems there were other people with the name T. Kennedy on the list who were suspected terrorists.

Even two CNN journalists were tagged terrorists. One had written an article critical of the federal air marshal program. The other one frequently flew one-way into Turkey.

So, do we want to take away a person’s constitutional right to purchase a gun on a vague tip from a nameless, unknown source? Does this sound like the Salem witch trials or what?

Is it any wonder that even the liberal American Civil Liberties Union is suing against the list? You can’t strip someone of their rights without due process before a judge and jury.

It is also a sad fact that the terrorists in the San Bernardino shootings were not on any no-fly list. Kinda insane, isn’t it?

Tom Stonehouse