On behalf of all artists, but more specifically my father, Cabot Lyford, I must strongly object to the display that obscures his work “Life Force,” the dolphin sculpture in front of the Regency Hotel.

It is an insult not only to him as an artist, but also to the work itself, which was created as a celebration of vitality. To purposely obscure “Life Force” with a pile of utilitarian junk is an irresponsible travesty. There are statutes that prohibit such things.

At the very least, it depicts “Dolphins Entangled in Flotsam,” which is hardly an appropriate holiday sentiment. Surely, the designer could have come up with something better and in keeping with the piece and the season.

The Regency advertises itself as an upscale, elegant boutique hotel. This unimaginative construction presents the Regency, and Portland, as an unsophisticated provincial backwater. It is an embarrassment to the good people of Portland and the creativity that thrives here.

Julia Lane

Round Pond

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