Juggling and magic acts are new this year to Freeport’s New Year’s Eve Celebration, an occasion with children in mind that concludes with fireworks at 6 p.m. on the L.L. Bean campus.

What Bean is calling “KidNight” starts well prior to the beginning of the new year, with a magic show at Discovery Park from Phil Smith of Abracadabra Productions

Smith has performed thousands of magic shows from Maine to Boston.

“The highlight is the audience participation,” Smith said. “With each audience, I don’t know what the reaction will be. They make the show.”

Smith said that he gears his acts for particular age groups. He does slapstick for young children, and even takes adults in mind with cards and mindreading.

At the beginning of his show, Smith strives to entertain people standing in line to see.

“My specialty is my strolling act,” he said.

An old hand will be performing, as well. Rick Charette and the Bubble Gum band will play their music geared toward kids on Discovery Stage starting at 5:15.

“It’s all going to be fun, fun, fun,” said L.L. Bean spokeswoman Carolyn Beem. “The whole evening has really become a tradition for a lot of people with children. It still allows adults time to go out later.”

A Closer Look

The lineup for the Freeport New Year’s Eve Celebration on the L.L. Bean campus:

11 a.m., Discovery Park, Phil Smith magic show.

Noon and 2 p.m., Discovery Park, Double or Nothing, juggling.

3:45 p.m., Discovery Park, ArtVan Sounds and Crowns, art-making activities.

5:15 p.m., Discovery Park, music from Rick Charette and the Bubble Gum Band.

6 p.m., fireworks will go off near the L.L. Bean campus.

This year, as in previous years, crowds are expected to be on hand as fireworks will explode near the L.L. Bean campus early New Year’s Eve.

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