I wish to thank all of those who serve veterans in our great state of Maine.

As a disabled veteran, I am especially pleased by the excellent staff of the Togus Veterans Affairs hospital and outpatient clinics in Portland and Saco. I am sure other clinics across the state are doing the same.

I have had recent appointments for my eyes, hearing and heart, and I have nothing but heartfelt thanks for all of those who took care of me.

What’s even better is that my primary care physician in the Portland VA outpatient clinic is without a doubt the best I have ever had – and that goes for the specialists I see as well.

I am sure I am right to state that the VA hospitals and clinics are underfunded and understaffed, and yet they continue to provide such good services to veterans. They deserve to be commended, and I do that not only loudly but proudly.

Lane W. Hiltunen