As we have just passed the third anniversary of the Newtown domestic terrorism massacre, it is important to note that more than 500 children have been killed by gun violence since then.

Now we read that guns are causing as many deaths as cars – and that in 21 states, more people are killed by guns each year than by auto accidents.

Clearly, the actions taken by our politicians are not working.

So I make the following bold proposal. After the next act of domestic terrorism we should: 1) increase the length of prayers by 40 percent; 2) make our thoughts deeper by a third; 3) double the time allotted for “moments of silence”; 4) lower flags to quarter-staff; 5) allow unlimited stuffed bears, candles and flowers at the shrine for the dead.

This escalation in our current action plan, while radical, will surely have a positive impact on gun violence in our America.

Matthew Powell