What a fitting editorial to appear in the Christmas Day edition of your paper (“Our View: Angel’s message still rings out this Christmas”).

The angel’s admonition to “Fear not” that you cited can certainly seem unrealistic in modern times, in light of the challenges around the globe. So I was thrilled that you encouraged following the angelic instruction that we needn’t succumb to this crippling emotion.

However, I felt that you left us hanging. I wish you had taken the subject one step further and included the antidote for fear that the Bible also goes on to offer: “Perfect love casteth out fear.”

American theologian Mary Baker Eddy got it right 100 years ago when she wrote, “We should master fear instead of cultivating it.” We do that on the world scene not through fear-mongering, but through fear-neutralizing, as evidenced in more love, respect and care for each other.

Thanks for reminding us of our own individual roles in helping to bring about this not-impossible goal.

Elaine Sjoquist