A dog that fell through ice on Notched Pond in Raymond was saved by fire rescue crews from Gray, Raymond and New Gloucester on Wednesday morning after her sister led a neighbor to the dog in the water.

The departments sent cold-water rescue teams after getting a call about a dog that had gone through the ice about 150 feet from shore about 10:30 a.m. Gray’s team went into the water and retrieved the dog, named Mishka. She was taken to a rescue truck to be warmed up with towels, blankets and heat packs.

She was taken to a veterinary hospital and is recovering and in stable condition.

The neighbor who found the dog and called emergency personnel reported hearing an odd bark before finding Mishka. The neighbor was led by Mishka’s sister, Senga, to the place where Mishka had fallen through the ice.

“This is the second call that we have been on, in a couple weeks, where a dog led someone to an emergency,” said Capt. Scott Doyle of New Gloucester Fire and Rescue. “Our EMS personnel assisted an elderly man recently, where his dog got the attention of a home keeper. The dog led the home keeper to the barn where the elderly man was injured.”

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