I find myself a bit perplexed at the many people demanding that Syrians be barred from entering the United States. These refugees are screened far more thoroughly than most of Washington’s security staff.

That level of screening, however, is not applied to home-grown terrorists, like the 20-year-old who killed 20 children in Connecticut. Or the man who set off a truckload of fertilizer in front of a government building in Oklahoma, and the man accused of shooting up Planned Parenthood in Colorado.

There were over 12,000 deaths in 2014 from guns fired by Americans, not foreign immigrants. There were also over 30,000 persons killed in traffic collisions.

It seems that a logical person aiming to increase his chances of survival would be wise to stop texting while driving, and instead start writing to government officials concerning stronger gun controls, rather than worrying about being killed by a Syrian terrorist, the chances of which are about the same as being hit by a meteor.

Bruce Bartrug