Re: “Bill Nemitz: A Maine soldier who died in World War II is cared for, an ocean away” (Dec. 25):

A wonderful article about Pfc. Linton Lowell and his Dutch guardians, Jos and Monique Krick.

My father’s brother, 2nd Lt. Wallace Clayton “Bud” Ellis, a P-38 reconnaissance pilot, was killed in November 1943. My grandmother, father, his two sisters and other family members received Western Union notice of his death on Thanksgiving morning in 1943.

My uncle is buried at the Sicily-Rome Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy. I traveled there in 1987, when I lived in Germany, and again in 2003, when I accompanied my father and mother on their only visit to his brother’s final resting place.

I have had the privilege of visiting a number of American cemeteries in Western Europe, including Normandy. Each one of these grounds inspires awe and reverence.

Like Linton’s family, my grandmother never got over her oldest child’s death. When she was getting on in years, she once told me she could still envision him playing football for South Portland High School when she went by the old school.

I have witnessed the historical interest in our deceased heroes and commitment to these cemeteries by people such as the Kricks, who are praiseworthy folks indeed.

As with Gettysburg and Arlington, I strongly urge anyone with the opportunity to visit to do so. It is an experience not to be forgotten.

Bud Ellis

South Portland