I can’t believe the tenacity of the people advocating a return to two-way traffic on High and State streets! Here’s a simple solution to their concerns about speedsters.

Install more lights for intersections and time them so that no one can make the green lights if they go faster than 20, 25 or 30 mph (whatever makes sense). It can be done, and it’s a lot cheaper than what the conversion advocates are proposing.

In Philadelphia, where I lived for a while, you can drive miles without stopping for a light if you obey the timed speed. It saves gas and nerves.

There have also been concerns raised about safety issues when pedestrians have to check both directions instead of one before crossing. The flashing light at State Street in Longfellow Square works well. Why not a few more if needed?

By the way, can you imagine the congestion and frustration if this is another winter with so much snow?

Bob Tripler

Cape Elizabeth