OLD ORCHARD BEACH — Balmy weather helped attract 335 dippers and about 1,400 spectators Friday for the 28th annual Special Olympics Maine Lobster Dip.

The New Year’s Day tradition, held at The Brunswick, raised about $110,000 for the Maine chapter of the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

“We had one of our largest crowds ever, both people going in and people watching,” said Phil Geelhoed, president and CEO of Special Olympics Maine.

Geelhoed said the annual event is important not only because it raises money, but also because it raises awareness of the chapter’s programs, which serve more than 3,800 athletes in Maine through sports training and competitive events.

The air temperature was about 39 degrees and the water temperature was about 47 degrees as dippers cheered and ran into the surf just after noon.

Last year, when the air temperature was a wind-chilled 28 degrees and the water was about 43 degrees, the event drew about 275 people, event organizers said.

“It was soooo much better than last year!” Brianna Silva said as she raced out of the water and back up onto the beach. “Last year it was freezing cold and windy and snowy. Today, it was warmer, sunnier and good for my hangover!”

It was the third Lobster Dip in a row for Silva, 20, who lives in Scarborough and works as a waitress at The Brunswick. She was one of the “Synchronized Swickers,” a 12-person team representing the beachside hotel, restaurant and nightclub that raised about $10,000 for Special Olympics this year.

The third time was a charm as well for Brett Trudeau, 46, of South Portland, who prepared for the race in The Brunswick’s patio bar. Wearing only swim trunks and a Rastafarian-style hat with faux dreadlocks, Trudeau said he had a Pabst Blue Ribbon rather than a towel to keep him warm.

“I’m a triple dipper,” Trudeau said, sharing his plan to run in and out of the water three times, as he did last year. Trudeau said he participates in the Lobster Dip to raise awareness of Special Olympics, show support for friends with disabilities and start the year on a positive note.

Sure enough, with “Splash” written in red marker across his back, Trudeau fulfilled his promise of a triple dip.

“It was great!” Trudeau said afterward, laughing. “Now, I’m ready for some Pier Fries, extra salt, extra vinegar.”