The Freeport Flag Ladies were back at it Tuesday morning at the corner of School and Main streets in the bitter cold the day after a judge rejected their request for a restraining order against a local man who has been critical of their demonstrations.

In addition to Elaine Greene, Carmen Footer and Joann Miller, several supporters showed up in solidarity despite the 5-degree temperature.

“Today I took the day off from work so I could be here and support the ladies,” said Betty Gingras of Sanford, one of about a half dozen people at one point who were attending. She thought the judge’s decision was unfair.

Steve Spooner came down from Auburn to show his steadfast support for the flag ladies who he said have honored the nation’s veterans.

“Our purpose here is as peacekeepers and security,” said Spooner, a veteran. “I can’t fathom anyone having an issue with three senior ladies standing out with their flags.”

Greene, Footer and Miller were in court in West Bath Monday seeking to extend a protection from harassment order against James Roux Jr.

The three women testified that Roux had been harassing them to the point where they feared for their safety.

Roux, whose father died in the Sept. 11 attacks, also interrupted a 9/11 memorial service at the Freeport Public Safety building last year. Roux said the memorial service was too focused on the military and not enough on the victims of the attack.

After a full day of testimony Monday, Judge Beth Dobson ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove that Roux harassed or intimidated the women.

Tuesday morning, Greene was still upset at the decision and at Roux’s approach to protesting, especially during the 9/11 memorial event.

“We were frightened,” she said, briefly pulling down the winter facemask she wore to protect her face from the cold. “I didn’t know if he had a knife or a gun.” Roux wasn’t armed but was forcefully removed and arrested by Freeport police on a charge of disorderly conduct and failure to submit to arrest. The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute.

Greene said she and her friends support veterans and honor those service people who died during and as a result of Sept. 11, but they are not trying to make a political statement.

“We support our fellow Americans. We don’t care about parties. We don’t care what your political views are. We care about where your heart is,” she said. “If he had approached us and said I lost my father on 9/11, we would have embraced him with both arms.”