Re: “Letter to the editor: Display obscures sculpture, suggests that Portland is a backwater” (Dec. 21):

Bravo to the Regency Hotel for its beautiful mastery of detail, preserving historic significance while adding contemporary luxury. We stayed there last week and were so impressed with the lovely rooms, the polite staff, the efficient management and the delicious food.

But we particularly want to address an unfortunate criticism that we learned about while staying there. It appears someone has taken issue with the amazing art in front of the hotel: a clever collection of lobster traps, carefully stacked with interlaced garland to create the effect of a Christmas tree.

It was a breathtaking and unexpected sight of Christmas cheer as we pulled up to the hotel. I thank the Regency’s general manager, Dave Tamulevich, for the jovial holiday scene.

I can’t understand why anyone would lose their ability to enjoy such fun and clever events. It’s a tribute to the Maine lobster industry and a beautiful example of Christmas art. But more importantly, I can’t understand what has happened to so many cynics where the love of Christmas is concerned. Christmas embodies peace, kindness and good will. Why has it become so socially acceptable to object to that?

To get back to my original statement, bravo to the Regency Hotel for still being willing to celebrate Christmas joy, whimsical artwork and Maine history in such a clever and jovial form!

Melissa Condon

Maine native and former resident

Ocala, Fla.