The articles on Ethan Couch, the teen fugitive known for his “affluenza” defense in an OUI that killed four people, floored me (“Official: ‘Affluenza’ teen wins 3-day delay in deportation”; “Mom of ‘affluenza’ teen jailed in U.S. after being deported from Mexico,” Dec. 31).

So if a child comes from parents with money, they are excused from their behavior? Living in this world, whether with or without money, one knows the difference between right or wrong. Whether one is taught personal responsibility at home is another matter.

At 18 years old, others of that age are serving their country. As adults, those of the same age at home should also be held accountable.

If Tonya Couch thinks that her son’s drunken-driving accident is her fault because he was not held accountable for his actions at home, then maybe she should be held partially responsible for her child’s actions.

For that mother to disguise her child and take him across the border after a “going-away” party is disgusting. They knew what they were doing!

Hold them accountable under the law and wipe those smirks off their faces. Let them know that we as citizens of the United States are all held accountable to obey the laws in the same way.

Jane Abbott