I read with great interest the Jan. 1 front-page article on Haroun Adam’s reunion with his family at the Portland jetport in December (“Reunited Sudanese family sees bright future in Maine”).

I met Haroun in the spring of 2015; he was working very hard to improve his English. He spoke of his family and the painfully slow, very challenging process involved in bringing them to the U.S. I was awed by his gentle manner, his good intent and his incredible tenacity.

As indicated in your article, Haroun suffers every day from the effects of trying to protect his family in Sudan. But he never gave up, made wonderful friends in Portland and worked every day toward being reunited with his wife and four sons and making a life for his family in Portland.

His love and sacrifice for his family and his gratitude for all the help he has received are truly remarkable and should be an inspiration for us all.

Meredith Anson