Re: “Letter from the Publisher: On screen and on the street, newspapers act as force for public good”:

Lisa DeSisto’s Jan. 1 editorial issued a promise to its readers. She says at MaineToday Media, “we hold powerful people accountable for their actions.”

Actually, voters can, and should, hold powerful people accountable, if they’re provided the information they need to make sound decisions when casting their ballots. For example, a serious issue that causes deep concern throughout the nation is gun violence.

But while polls show that 89 percent of Americans (including responsible gun owners and National Rifle Association members) favor preventing felons, terrorists and insane people from owning guns, the remaining 11 percent apparently do not.

Why, in this, the planet’s signature democracy, would such a small minority rule? Money, influence and the fear of losing both are the likely culprits. We are not holding this powerful minority accountable.

Eighty-nine percent of voters should wield enormous power. We think we know that the governing body of the NRA and certain of our legislators and members of Congress make up that minority.

This is where MaineToday Media comes in. We need to know which of our legislators and congressional members receive contributions from the NRA and how much. Surely the information is available. What is required of MaineToday Media is not opinion, just plain facts.

In that same edition, M.D. Harmon (with whom I disagree on nearly everything) finishes his column thusly: “No single person, or even political party, can ‘Make America Great Again.’ Do you want to know who can? Go to your bathroom and look in the mirror. You’ll see the only solution there is.”

He’s right. We have the power of the vote. Help us, MaineToday Media, to learn as much as we can in order to use it effectively.

Bonnie M. Riddle

South Portland