This week starts my second year serving as an At Large Councilor on the Brunswick Town Council … but that is only indirectly what I want to write about today.

Last Thursday afternoon, I went to a 7th grade “Expansion Team” basketball game at our new Recreation Center at Brunswick Landing.

First, I will clarify that I am a very lucky grandaunt in having two grandnephews and a grandniece living and going to school here in Brunswick, and luckier still that I am get to share grandmotherly duties with my sister (and thus, going forth I will refer to the kids as grandkids as it is easier to say than always making sure I say “ grandnephew” or “niece”).

The expansion teams are the kids that did not make the other teams, and thankfully, schools now recognize the benefit of playing, so everyone that wants to gets to play, have a great coach and play a regular season with other teams of the equal ability. Trust me, the games are no less exciting.

But, back to the game. My grandkids’ team had not yet won a game and it started out pretty good. Several baskets were made and they were soon leading 8-0. Then the second quarter came and the other team, which turned out to be from St. John’s, made some baskets and we had a game on our hands!! At one point, St. John’s came within two points of Brunswick and on it went. I was struck by several things. The coaches were great, shouting lots of praise, never shouted criticism, and lots of pats on the back for the proper effort from both coaches.

As the game moved forward, I saw both teams beginning to gain more confidence and beautiful pride. Brunswick was winning, but St. John’s was keeping up. It was a game.

At one point, in the last quarter, I looked down on the boys on the floor and was struck with “one of those moments.”

I realized I was looking at the future of Brunswick. These boys (and their sisters) would one day soon all be in the same school playing and learning together on the same team. One day, quite possibly, one of these boys (or their sisters) would be on our town council, working on our PD, or fire dept. or be teachers in our soon- to- be new school. They would work and live in our town and produce our great, great, grandkids. And all of them would be our town’s and our country’s and our world’s future. And as I looked out onto the court, I glanced sideways to see the parents and seniors in the stands cheering them on.

And I was reminded, at that moment, that this these people are a huge part of what my job is about on the town council. It was humbling to feel that, and it swelled up in my throat.

As the game came to an end, it became more and more a “real” game. With teams putting forth their best, and both teams were doing great. Brunswick did win, and they needed that win, but St. John’s did not get defeated. They were beaten, but not defeated … and all the players played a heck of a game.

I turned to my nephew and said, “The was the best basketball game I have watched, ever! Well, except for the “ Dream Team” at the Olympics many years ago, with the likes of Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, and the others. I saw everything you would want to see in a basketball (or any other sport) game. Great effort, great positive coaching, great attitude of both the players and the parents in the stands watching and, I might add, at a great venue.

It made me feel positive about the year ahead. Everyone may not always agree with my thoughts and decisions on town council, but rest assured, I truly am trying my best to think of what is best for the town as a whole (I am an At Large councilor) and I will always keep the vision of those kids on the court in my mind, along with the other parents and grandparents in the stands

Now of course, it can’t go without saying that the Brunswick Jr. High team won, and I was so proud of my grandkid, as I am sure all the other parents were.

Go Teams.

Kathy E Wilson,

Councilor At Large,