Again, Anne Wescott Dodd has done her homework (letter to the editor, Jan. 8). If our town council and school board members haven’t seen or read her latest offering, I would strongly suggest that they do so before making more questionable decisions.

Enough of these “ white elephant” deals!

Her advice concerning the Jordan Acres property, I believe, is on target for all the reasons stated.

But, another factor concerning safety to and from the site comes into play. Using Jordan Avenue to reach the site in winter weather is very restrictive due to snow pileup. The upper portion of the avenue is very narrow and there is no place to push snow back. Two buses cannot pass together safely under the railroad bride during the winter season. Also, using this artery constantly are water and sewer district vehicles, recreation fields traffic with storage and maintenance equipment vehicles being transported.

The logical location for a new school would be at Brunswick Landing for all the reasons that Anne Wescott Dodd suggested.

Virginia Anderson,