A woman whose body was found by officers in her southern Maine home last week had been dead for as long as 2 1/ 2 years, police said.

Officers had stopped by to check on Lucie McNulty several times over the years but never went inside her mobile home even if there was no answer at her door. It wasn’t until Friday that they entered her home and found her body.

“ It is a sad situation,” police Lt. Gerald Congdon told the Portland Press Herald. “She was the type of person to always have her shades down and her curtains drawn. She was very much a loner.”

The state Medical Examiner’s Office ruled that McNulty died from ischemic cardiovascular disease. She would have been 69 today.

Neighbors said she moved to Wells from Buffalo, New York, in 2000. Property taxes on the home were unpaid to the point where foreclosure was imminent.

Congdon said police first went to check on McNulty in July 2013 after she returned home from a hospital stay. Police knocked on McNulty’s door, but no one answered. “We never had any legitimate reason to force our way into the house,” Congdon said.

Lois Martin, who lives nearby, told the newspaper she called police at least once and said she knows of two other calls for checks on McNulty.

Martin said she doesn’t fault police.

“It’s just so sad to think that with all the people in this town, no one was concerned enough. No human being deserves to die like that,” she said.

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