WHITESBORO, N.Y. — The upstate New York village of Whitesboro has confirmed that it will change its official logo a day after the image, which appears to show a white man throttling an Indian, was ridiculed on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Village officials and members of the nearby Oneida Indian Nation will meet to discuss creation of a new image, Mayor Patrick O’Connor said Friday.

The announcement came after “The Daily Show” aired a segment Thursday that was filmed on Jan. 11, when villagers decided in a non-binding vote to keep the traditional logo for its historic value. Among alternative designs put before voters were several provided by the comedy show, including a white man and an Indian apparently dancing and a white settler and an Indian beating up a British soldier. O’Connor said the long-time village seal shows a historic wrestling match between village founder Hugh White and an Oneida Indian that figured into good relations between early settlers and the Oneidas. The crudely drawn seal has drawn media attention periodically over the years. O’Connor said the new seal will preserve history with a more modern and culturally appropriate drawing.