I am writing in response to the story “Even 27 years later, Dechaine supporters say fight is personal” (Page 1, Jan. 17). If believing in truth and believing in justice are “personal” values, then I guess it is a personal fight.

I am a somewhat cynical believer in truth and justice, though cynicism is not a natural state of mind for me. But consider the reality.

By now, every person in any position of influence in the state of Maine, unless he or she is blind, deaf and clueless, already knows the facts of the case – and some, in very influential positions, have even signed petitions supporting a retrial. The fact is, not one has shown the slightest inclination to say or do anything worthwhile to stand for justice.

Dennis Dechaine is not asking to be exonerated. He is asking for a retrial. He is asking that all the evidence be heard. What is so scary about that? Oh, yes, the truth is scary to all those who have suppressed it.

Susan Pastore

member, Trial and Error


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