Our Legislature is back in session, and two bills on the docket, L.D. 466 and L.D. 1302, are both titled An Act to Increase Competition and Ensure a Robust Information and Telecommunications Market. These bills are carried over from the last session.

If these bills pass, then FairPoint would be allowed to dump its obligation as provider of last resort for landline phone service. This will affect 25,000 customers, many of whom are elderly or disabled or have no cellphone coverage in their area.

If this deregulation is allowed to happen, we would no longer have any protection to keep reliable, affordable and timely service. No one except FairPoint would benefit, and again the ratepayers would be thrown under the bus.

If you feel that landline service is important, please let our legislators know you are against the passage of these two unfair bills.

Carol MacDougall


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