I’m a Vermonter. When I see a car with those green license plates, I look to see if I know the driver.

I haven’t lived in Vermont for 25 years. That’s what Bernie Sanders brings to this presidential race: a sense of community. It’s a sense that we’re not all out for ourselves, that our large nation can feel like one of its smallest states.

So why, except for a few political cartoons, isn’t the Portland Press Herald covering Bernie’s amazing campaign? I looked in vain for the list of 40 Maine legislators who stood to endorse him last week. I want to thank them.

Where was the article on the opening of Bernie’s Portland campaign office? Instead, we get Sarah Palin’s leftover face with Donald Trump, and Palin’s sad son gets significant column inches.

Bernie is a community builder. Don’t mistake his influence. This country (and this state) need him.

Susan DeWitt Wilder


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