Regarding the Jan. 17 article by Rachel Ohm, “The roads not retaken” (Page B2):

Am I correct in assuming that when a landowner sells a parcel of land on a private road, the town can tax the property and any buildings on it?

If this is true, why can’t the town pass an ordinance requiring the property owner or owners to maintain access to the property for fire, police, ambulances, mail, town assessors, code enforcement officers, delivery vehicles, trucks, etc.?

If the property owners are unwilling, or unable to do that, shouldn’t the town assume ownership of the road? Shouldn’t they be allowed to assess the property owners enough to maintain minimum standards of passage on it?

Should the Legislature pass a state law to that effect?

If a road (extension, or section of it) is to be discontinued, and blocked off, should not all property owners be allowed access to their property? Should a state law be written to that effect?

Tom Lord

Lisbon Falls

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