BRUNSWICK — The Brunswick High School boys and girls swim team dominated its regular-season finale meet at Bowdoin College on Friday.

The Dragon girls won 11 of 12 events and out-scored Camden Hills, 122-56, while the Brunswick boys won, 111-65, winning nine events.

Individually, Emma Blair and Lynsie Russell won twice each among the Brunswick girls. Blair captured the 200-yard freestyle and 100 breaststroke, while Russell was victorious in the 200 IM and 100 backstroke.

Other winners for the Dragons were Lexi Stevenson (50 free), Dina Murphy (1-meter dive), Caitlin Tycz (100 free) and Hannah Escoe (500 free).

Brunswick also won all three relay events. The foursome of Quinn Alexander, Escoe, Anna Rider and Tycz were first in the 200 medley relay to begin the meet. Tycz, Amelia Hawley, Rider and Blair teamed up to win the 200 freestyle relay, and Ellie Peabody, Elina Woolever, Emily Cowan and Alex Morse were tops in the 400 free.

On the boys side, Brunswick’s Nate Samson continued to roll along, winning both the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke events. Brian Hess also won twice (200 free, 100 breaststroke), while Matt Yost (50 free), Chris Roderick (1-meter dive) and Andrew Samson (500 free) were victorious.

Brunswick captured two of the three relay events, taking the 200 medley relay (Henry Raker, Nolan Deck, Yost, Ben Farrell) and the 400 free (Farrell, Yost, Hess, Nate Samson).

The Dragons next swim on Saturday in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Championships at the Bath Area Family YMCA. Meet time is slated for 9:30 a.m.

Of note, the KVAC Class B Championships are scheduled for Friday in Bath, with the meet set to kick-off at 4 p.m.

Girls hockey

The Maine Principals’ Association girls ice hockey postseason is slated to begin today, with two area teams in the mix.

At 4:20 p.m. today in Auburn, the tri-team of Yarmouth/Freeport/Gray- New Gloucester takes on Edward Little/Leavitt/ Poland at Norway Savings Bank Arena in the North quarterfinals.

The Clippers are the No. 5 seed after finishing the regular season with an 8-10 mark. Yarmouth/Freeport/ Gray-New Gloucester finished the season by winning its final two games, including a 4-2 road win over Lewiston/Monmouth/Oak Hill on Jan. 27.

Needing a win to move up a spot in the standings, the Clippers came from behind to post a 4-1 win over Winslow/Erskine Academy on Saturday.

During the regular season, the Clippers fell twice to the fourth-seeded Red Hornets (8-7-3), dropping a 5-2 decision on Dec. 2 before getting blown out, 10-1, at Travis Roy Arena in Yarmouth on Jan. 2. However, down the stretch, the Clippers’ only losses were to North top seeds Greely (5-1 and 6-2) and St. Dom’s (9-5).

In today’s other quarterfinal, Dave Boucher’s Brunswick Dragons, the No. 6 seed, visits the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston tonight at 8 p.m. to take on the No. 3 Blue Devils (10- 7-1).

Boucher’s first season featured a solid mid-season run as the Dragons went on a 7-2 tear, including a big 7-6 win over Edward Little/Leavitt/ Poland on Dec. 22.

However, the Dragons have found the going tough against Lewiston/Monmouth/ Oak Hill, dropping both meetings this season. Brunswick opened the season with a 4-1 loss at Lewiston in a game that was close (2-1) until the final minute of regulation when the Blue Devils scored two empty-net goals.

In the rematch at Sidney J. Watson Arena on Jan. 9, the Blue Devils rolled to a 6-0 win, beginning a tough stretch (0-5-1) for the Dragons, who won their final regular season game, 6-2, over Winslow/Erskine Academy.

Greely (18-0) is the top seed in the North, with St. Dom’s (16-2) second. Both await semifinal opponents.

In the South, Scarborough (16-1-1) and Falmouth (14-2-2) are the top two seeds, followed by Cheverus (11-7) and York (9-9).

Area swimming

At Bowdoin College
GIRLS — Brunswick 122, Camden Hills 56.
200-yard medley relay — 1. Brunswick A (Quinn Alexander, Hannah Escoe, Anna
Rider, Caitlin Tycz), 2. Camden Hills A, 3. Brunswick B (Emily Cowan, Lauren Grocholl, Sophie Blair, Abigail Gauthier), T — 2:04.22.
200 freestyle — 1. Emma Blair (B), 2. Alex Morse (B), 3. Emma Guthienz (CH), 4.
Elina Woolever (B), 5. Keeli Wood (CH), T — 2:08.17.
200 IM — 1. Lynsie Russell (B), 2. Hannah Escoe (B), 3. Sophie Blair (B), 4. Sunny
Conlan (CH), T — 2:17.94.
50 freestyle — 1. Lexi Stevenson (B), 2. Amanda Mirabile (CH), 3. Emily Cowan (B),
4. Isabelle Guthienz (CH), 5. Eleanor Lincoln (CH), T — 27.29.
1-meter diving — 1. Dina Murphy (B), 2. Emily Coffin (B), 3. Sabina Smith (B), Pts.
— 149.20.
100 butterfly — 1. Amanda Mirabile (CH), 2. Anna Rider (B), 3. Sophie Blair (B), T —
100 freestyle — 1. Caitlin Tycz (B), 2. Lexi Stevenson (B), 3. Isabelle Guthienz (CH),
4. Sunny Conlan (CH), 5. Eve Guthienz (CH), T — 52.82.
500 freestyle — 1. Hannah Escoe (B), 2. Molly Woodruff (CH), 3. Elina Woolever (B),
4. Quinn Alexander (B), T — 6:11.72.
200 freestyle relay — 1. Brunswick A (Caitlin Tycz, Amelia Hawley, Anna Rider,
Emma Blair), 2. Camden Hills A, 3. Camden Hills B, T — 1:49.02.
100 backstroke — 1. Lynsie Russell (B), 2. Alex Morse (B), 3. Emma Guthienz (CH),
4. Eleanor Lincoln (CH), 5. Tessa Alexander (B), T — 1:03.05.
100 breaststroke — 1. Emma Blair (B), 2. Keeli Wood (CH), 3. Eve Guthienz (CH), 4.
Amelia Hawley (B), 5. Molly Woodruff (CH), T — 1:14.20.
400 freestyle relay — 1. Brunswick B (Ellie Peabody, Elina Woolever, Emily Cowan,
Alex Morse), 2. Camden Hills A, 3. Brunswick A (Tessa Alexander, Fiona O’Carroll,
Lexi Stevenson, Lynsie Russell), T — 4:23.70.

BOYS — Brunswick 111, Camden Hills 65.
200-yard medley relay — 1. Brunswick A (Henry Raker, Nolan Deck, Matt Yost, Ben
Farrell), 2. Camden Hills A, 3. Brunswick B (Nick White, Adam Thacker, Jeremy
Vuong, Austin Phillips), T — 1:54.46.
200 freestyle — 1. Brian Hess (B), 2. Julian Abaldo (CH), 3. Eddie Capoldo (B), 4.
Andrew Samson (B), T — 1:53.37.
200 IM — 1. Kyle Crans (CH), 2. Cooper Russell (CH), 3. Sam Washington (B), 4.
Jeremy Vuong (B), T — 2:10.73.
50 freestyle — 1. Matt Yost (B), 2. Ben Farrell (B), 3. Connor O’Farrell (CH), 4. Connor Hedstrom (CH), 5. Nick Doran (CH), T — 23.76.
1-meter diving — 1. Chris Roderick (B), 2. Seth White (B), 3. Finn Jacobs (B), Pts.
— 212.40.
100 butterfly — 1. Nate Samson (B), 2. Julian Abaldo (CH), 3. Ben Farrell (B), 4.
Connor O’Farrell (CH), T — 50.26.
100 freestyle — 1. Kyle Crans (CH), 2. Henry Raker (B), 3. Cooper Russell (CH), 4.
Eddie Capoldo (B), 5. Ian Sullivan (CH), T — 49.91.
500 freestyle — 1. Andrew Samson (B), 2. Charles Cooper (CH), 3. San Washington
(B), T — 5:41.72.
200 freestyle relay — 1. Camden Hills, 2. Brunswick A (Eddie Capoldo, Andrew
Samson, Jeremy Vuong, Brian Hess), 3. Camden Hills B, T — 1:36.78.
100 backstroke — 1. Nate Samson (B), 2. Henry Raker (B), 3. Connor Hedstrom
(CH), 4. Nick White (B), 5. Charles Cooper (CH), T — 50.54.
100 breaststroke — 1. Brian Hess (B), 2. Adam Thacker (B), 3. Ian Sullivan (CH), 4.
Nolan Deck (B), T — 1:02.19.
400 freestyle relay — 1. Brunswick A (Ben Farrell, Matt Yost, Brian Hess, Nate Samson), 2. Camden Hills A, 3. Brunswick B (Henry Raker, Eddie Capoldo, Sam Washington, Andrew Samson), T — 3:24.41.
Up next for the Dragons — This upcoming Saturday in the Kennebec Valley Athletic
Conference Championships at the Bath Area Family YMCA, 9:30 a.m.