Are you tired of the many telemarketing calls you receive even though you have put your phone number on the federal do-not-call list? If so, I suggest that you try complaining to the Maine Public Utilities Commission, for whatever good that will do.

The agency is purported to be looking out for us citizens, but you would not know it from the reaction and help you receive after being frustrated by their customer complaint form.

Not only is their paperwork difficult, but the PUC apparently has more important work than to deal with disgruntled customers.

Back when, Ma Bell was the friendly operator who would take our complaint and put through a call for us if we had problem. We now have to suffer with no one who cares to listen. Now complaints to repair services, the PUC and the Federal Communications Commission basically fall on deaf ears. About the best you can get is a “not my job” reply. Government at its best!

Yes, we now have many more options, such as cellphone service, voice boxes and various other call enhancements, but at what price? We are left at the mercy of a deluge of unwanted calls and voice mails that are so distorted that we cannot decipher what is being said.

Give me back my plain old black telephone set with the live operator at the other end. That was when each call was real, with someone nice at the other end. It is not so anymore!

George A. Fogg

North Yarmouth

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