Your guest columnist on Feb. 2, John Micek, could only resort to the old and tired political tactic of attacking the candidate by denigrating his supporters, when he wrote the column, “Trump Supporters Have One Trait in Common.” Mr. Micek dredges up a poll that purports to reveal the common traits of Trump supporters: “Authoritarianism, followed by fear of terrorism.” Micek then goes on to question how any Republican can support Trump while still maintaining a belief in self-reliance and American independence. Okay, Mr. Micek, we get the idea … you don’t like Trump. Fine. And it would be a waste of time to try to persuade you otherwise. But the people you belittle are often highly educated, hard working, relish the idea of liberty, done with do-nothing politicians, cherish their families and believe in personal responsibility. They often focus on reality and are not foolish when it comes to facing threats which confront the American way of life.

So, while Micek uses old political tactics to bash Trump, there will soon be millions of Americans across the nation who will soon participate in the only poll that matters.

Ethan Jones,


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