In 1993, Bill Clinton, then the president, asked his wife, Hillary, to work on pursuing universal health insurance for all U.S. citizens.

She came under unprecedented attacks. They even appointed a special prosecutor to dig up all he could against her.

When he could not find enough to bring her to trial, they went after her husband, the president of the United States, although, even then, during those years, he increased jobs, balanced the U.S. budget and created a $236 billion surplus.

At the end of Bill Clinton’s eight years of service, we elected a new president, who, unfortunately, was influenced by his war-mongering friends (so-called) and went to war on a lie to the American people. All that surplus was gone. Worst still, hundreds of thousands of other human beings were killed.

May I suggest that the next president we elect, in only nine months, be a more compassionate and intelligent reasonable person – someone who doesn’t want to line his friends’ pockets at our expense and disgust? Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote. Therefore, please vote.

Herbert Smith


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