We’ve watched the advancement of the proposal to create our nation’s newest national park and national recreation area with growing interest over the past several years.

This proposal, initiated with a $100 million gift from Elliotsville Plantation Inc., will ensure the conservation and thoughtful stewardship of a unique and historical landscape for mixed recreational use. More importantly, it will revitalize the rural communities that have been devastated by the declining paper industry with an infusion of active tourism dollars.

One only need visit Acadia, or any other national park, to see how gateway communities prosper. We’re disappointed in U.S. Sen. Angus King, who wrote a book about his travels through our national parks, for not taking decisive action to support this endeavor.

As homeowners in the Katahdin region, we have great love for the North Woods area. We’ve hiked the proposed park and have scoped out the mountain biking potential for future visits. The place is a gem, and we think it should be shared with the world.

Like our beloved Baxter State Park, it’s a special resource that one can explore year after year and enjoy a unique experience every time. Unlike Baxter, a national park will draw people from the entire world.

As the National Park Service centennial (2016) is now upon us, it’s the perfect time for our representatives in Washington, D.C., to remember what these public lands mean to the people of America and take action to move this proposal forward.

Maine needs Sen. King and his colleagues to create this park, or at the very least, support a national monument as a first step. The vast majority of Mainers support the park proposal, and our elected officials need to listen. The people of the region, and the entire state, deserve the economic stability this proposed park will bring.

Pamela Fischer

New Gloucester

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