As a former firefighter, I am particularly alarmed when I see so many people using the marked fire lanes at Shaw’s and Hannaford as their personal curbside parking spots, leaving their vehicles unattended there while they shop.

I am also quite surprised to see so many seemingly healthy individuals, without permit or proper registration, park in clearly marked and designated handicapped parking spots at these same stores.

The potential dangers of the fire lane violations, which, hopefully, are obvious to all, should be of particular concern to parking enforcement, the police, fire departments and store managers.

The disrespect and discourtesy shown by handicapped-parking violators are just shameful, and I would hope this is something else that police, parking enforcement and store managers would work to deter.

I think it’s time for police and parking enforcement to patrol and check these specific fire lanes and issue tickets before these violations cause a more serious problem during an emergency situation.

L.S. Dell


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