A recent letter from Jim Smith, “Clinton’s careless handling of emails casts doubt on ability to lead” (Feb. 6), can be summarized roughly as follows: Hillary Clinton has done a bad thing. She knew better. Her explanation for her behavior is a political cover-up and, again, she knew better.

Jim Smith has held the highest security clearance there is, and he knew better.

If Smith had done what Clinton did, he would have been thrown out of the service.

Clinton’s transgressions were grave, the worst Smith can imagine when it comes to security clearance and access.

Smith wraps it up by suggesting we vet candidates according to a security clearance evaluation before they can hold office, and states that violators of “policies and protocols” should have their feet held to the fire. But first he insists his comments have nothing to do with a political agenda; he is merely a concerned citizen when it comes to classified information.

I’m reminded of a farmer who sold manure in his neck of the woods. He would go on about how his being in the manure business had nothing to do with making money. No, sir, he was merely concerned with the health and welfare of his neighbors’ crops.

Michael Foley


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