Whether you are a weather enthusiast or professional meteorologist, social media is now a central repository for great weather information. I find that Twitter is a great way to disseminate the goings on in the atmosphere rapidly and succinctly.  Now, with the ability to show video, annotate images, and quote other people, Twitter is one of the better social media platforms for anyone who loves to talk about, or read about, the weather.

While Facebook is very popular, it’s more difficult to build a good feed of weather information. By choosing who to follow on Twitter, you can create a steady stream of weather facts, figures and forecasts to keep even the most avid of hobbyist excited. Twitter is free and easy to join. Just create an account and start following people.

There are a lot of talented folks using 140 characters to help make your feed one of the best resources for up-to-the-minute weather information. Ahead, check out my picks for the best of the best weather people who are immediately worth a follow on Twitter, listed in no particular order.

The Public Sector

The National Weather Service and its various offices are increasingly using Twitter. What you’ll find from most of the offices are tweets with an image or two and some brief explanation of the weather.

Here are some of my favorite offices to follow:

  1. The Boston office, @NWSBoston, leads the pack in terms of consistency and fantastic images, in my opinion.

2. @NWSGray is perfect for northern New England. The folks at the Gray office are often sending out great graphics and all the latest warnings and advisories.


3. @NWSCaribou keeps a very consistent feed, and (bonus!) they often interact with their followers.

4. @NWSBurlingon publishes reliable, interesting weather tweets focused on northern Vermont.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a federal agency focused on the oceans and atmosphere. You should follow them for reliable, up-to-date information. There are four NOAA accounts I recommend:

  1. @NOAASatellites tweets information about satellite images and the technology behind them.
  1. @NOAAComms gives high-level information about climate and weather. It’s a good companion to …
  1. @NOAAClimate provides important information about our changing climate.
  1. @NWSnhc is a must-follow during hurricane season.

The Media

Nearly every television and radio personality who has anything to do with weather has an account. If you have a favorite meteorologist you like to watch, follow that person on Twitter. You’ll quickly figure out who is tweeting teases to get you to watch the weather versus who is tweeting information you can count on.

I won’t include myself as part of the 40 best, but I hope you follow me, Dave Epstein aka growingwisdom @growingwisdom if you aren’t already. I love interacting with the public, take questions and welcome your feedback.  I also tweet about gardening in addition to weather. Wanna know a great new tomato variety this year?

  1. If you need weather info for southern Maine, @ToddWCSHis a solid resource. Todd returned to Maine over a year ago after working in Boston.
  1. @CharlieWGME is a regular presence on the platform, and his snow maps during storms are must-sees.  I have freelanced at WGME in the past and interned there with Art Horn, Terry Casey and Steve Adamson.
  2. Adam Epstein @adamwgme is a newcomer to the TV scene. I’m not recommending him for his last name. (we aren’t related), but he seems to be tweeting regularly and puts out good information for much of southern and central Maine.

12 .  Roger Griswold  @Rogerwmtw over WMTW hired me in Hartford, CT over 25  years ago.  I learned a lot from him working together. He’s a great forecaster and a regular tweeter.

13. @ericfisher is the king of Weather Twitter in southern New England. He has more followers than any other New England meteorologist. He tweets enough personal information to keep it interesting, and provides a consistent feed of weather and climate statistics.

14.  I started following the forecasts from @barryWBZ when I was in middle school in Portland. He’s one of the best forecasters in the business.

15. Matt Noyes @MattNoyesNECN is chief meteoroligist at NECN.  They cover all of New England so no matter where you are there’s good information.

16. Ryan  Breton @ryanbretonwx is an aspiring meteorologist who is using Twitter a lot.  While he’s not always talking about Maine, you can learn a lot from him and he usually answers questions. https://twitter.com/RyanBretonWX

  1. @pbouchardwx is now over at NECN and a regular provider of info about rain, snow, and sleet.
  1. I@surfskiwxman, also known as Tim Kelley. He has cameras all across New England for some of the best weather pictures on Twitter.

A Bunch of Smart Experts

Good meteorologists and climatologists are always starting new accounts. Here are a bunch of weather experts I follow:

  1. @judah47 specializes in long-term winter patterns, and is a winter weather enthusiast.
  1. @MJVentrice is a PhD specializing in tropical meteorology and its impacts around the globe.
  1. @DrShepherd2013 is an American Meteorological Society and NASA scientist who tweets about the weather (and other things, too).
  1. @CapitalWeather is a group of meteorologists and scientists from The Washington Post that frequently posts about weather.
  1. You might already be familiar with their super website, but @weatherunderground has a bunch of interesting tweets, too.
  1. @climatecentral has good information about the state of the climate, as well as trends.
  1. @EdValleewx  is a private forecaster on the cutting edge of new methods of forecasting.  I went to Lyndon State College to study meteorology with his Uncle Dave Vallee an excellent forecaster in his own right.

The Specialists 

These are Twitter accounts where the owners tweet in a more narrow range, but they’re still very useful to have as part of your own feed.

  1. @NWSnhc is the headquarters for the National Hurricane Center, which is useful if you care about hurricanes no matter where they hit.
  1. @RyanMaue is a PhD who uses his talents to create some of the best weather graphics on the internet. Seriously.
  1. @BigJoeBastardi is one of the founders of WeatherBell, and his perspective on climate and forecasting is unique, compared with what you’ll find elsewhere.
  1. @NWSSPC provides special weather information for those times when weather makes the news.
  1. @CIPSAnalogs ties historical weather to current patterns.

New England Skiing And Outdoor Activities

If you are into skiing or even just hiking the mountains of northern New England, then these accounts are good for getting an idea of what’s happening up there:

  1. @MWObs has lots of info on weather from Mount Washington.

32 (a&b)-35. Find your happy place@Sundayriver or @SugarloafMaine.  Across the border @skiNewHampshire promotes skiing in the granite state.  If you want to ski Vermont, @ski_Vermont is a must, and of course for Maine skiing @ski_Maine has all have information for skiing, no matter where you want to hit the slopes.

  1. If you like astronomy, then @TaminthaSkov who tweets about Aurora Borealis, is a perfect follow.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel was founded before social media even existed. But, of course, they’ve embraced new technologies to help their audience understand what’s going on with the weather. Some of their meteorologists are seasoned veterans worth a follow:

  1. One of the most enthusiastic people on TWC, @JimCantore has a consistent presence, and there’s never a dull moment when he’s tweeting.
  1. @StuOstro is a senior meteorologist at TWC who has a great perspective.
  1. @Ariweather is a meteorologist at TWC who really knows his stuff.
  1. Accuweather also has a team of meteorologists working on forecasting. @Accuweather has good information, but lots of generic weather pictures that may not be as exciting.

Honorable mentions go to  @capecodweather  The Cape is a fair weather vacation spot with some really interesting weather during storms. And this guy has it all.

Bernie Rayno a seasoned veteran, has been forecasting for decades and has the experience necessary to keep his feed an interesting one. Follow him @AccuRayno


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