In your Feb. 15 editorial about a recent assault in Waterville, you say that owning a gun isn’t the way to deter criminals. If someone is breaking into your house and you say “I’ve got a telephone,” what kind of response do you think you’d get?

I was brought up in a home where we had guns. When I was 4, my father became a cop. He kept his gun in a drawer in his bedroom, loaded, and we never touched it once! So “properly secured” is an irrelevant notion. Responsible teaching is the way to go.

I have guns in my home, and yes, they are loaded, because I don’t plan on beating the thief to death with them.

In the real world – obviously not yours – the police are there to clean up after the fact. The public can’t depend on them to show up when someone is coming through the window. Anyone who thinks they are safe without a gun for protection is living in a dream world.

Instead of someone saying “The British are coming,” it will be “The terrorists are coming,” and we need to be armed and ready!

Richard A. Aspinall Sr.