I am a senior citizen who used to enjoy watching the television show “The Apprentice,” starring Donald Trump.

I was surprised when he decided to leave the show and run for president. I believed it was merely a publicity stunt. But then his campaign began and his speeches followed. He wasn’t kidding!

He went on with many outlandish plans of what he would do as president: the Mexican wall (which they would pay for); no illegal immigrants allowed; those who were here would be deported, etc.

As he went on, it seemed to me, his comments were boundless. He attacked fellow candidates ruthlessly. He had his own money – we were quickly informed of that fact. He could attack anyone he wanted. He answered to no one.

Then Bernie Sanders came out of the woodwork. Did anyone hear much about him before this? I sure didn’t. It became a battle between Trump and Sanders over who could outdo the other in criticizing and name-calling other candidates.

I don’t recall a political campaign quite like this one. It is unbelievable the crowds of people Trump gets at his rallies. People from all walks of life, young and old, cheering him on.

The sames goes for Bernie Sanders. My 14-year-old grandson, who lives out of state, was visiting me recently. He’s too young to vote. However, he said to me: “I’d like to see Bernie Sanders win!” I was flabbergasted.

I am not happy about this election. I don’t understand what the younger voters want in a president.

I am not alone. I’ve heard many people, even news commentators on television, say this is the most unusual presidential primary season they’ve experienced.

Donald Knight