A dozen abandoned and broken-down motor vehicles have been removed from Peaks Island with assistance from the city of Portland and three companies.

City spokeswoman Jessica Grondin said Portland police coordinated the effort, which involved having Kamp Masonry and Landscaping tow the vehicles to Lionel Plante Associates’ private car ferry. The ferry then transported the vehicles from Peaks Island to the mainland. Once on the mainland, the vehicles were salvaged and recycled by CIA Salvage of Limerick.

The effort took place earlier this month. Grondin said in a press release that Portland police will facilitate a second vehicle removal effort at least one more time before Memorial Day weekend.

Peaks Island residents have for some time complained about vehicles that appeared to have been abandoned or were in need of repairs, according to Grondin.

Police Officer Dan Rose, who is assigned to cover Peaks Island, helped coordinate the effort to have the vehicles removed by contacting their owners.