Heating oil prices in Maine remain low, despite hints that crude oil producers might take steps to stabilize prices on world markets.

According to the Governor’s Energy Office, the average statewide cash price for oil Monday was $1.71 a gallon, essentially unchanged from early February. The average price for kerosene has fallen 4 cents a gallon in the past three weeks and is now $2.28 a gallon, and propane prices have held steady at $2.21 a gallon for heating customers, the energy office said.

In the past two weeks, some oil-producing countries have indicated they’d like to develop a strategy on production in order to stop the skid in crude oil prices, which have declined by about 17 percent since the beginning of the year. Prices had risen over the past week, but crude oil futures fell about 4.5 percent Tuesday after Saudi Arabia’s oil minister suggested the country was open to a freeze on output, but ruled out any decrease in production to quickly reduce the glut of oil on the market.

Source: Governor’s Energy Office
Interactive: Christian MilNeil