Come on, folks!

Are you in agreement that the Republican Party has some rather unsavory characters running for the presidency?

Are you happy with the status quo that’s been operating our government for several decades?

Are you apprehensive about throwing your support behind Sen. Bernie Sanders because of the scare tactics being offered up by the Republican Party or the Democrats’ own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Don’t let her fool you! She sees Bernie Sanders gaining momentum and has adopted many of his campaign beliefs as her own, saying she has always felt that way. How convenient!

Think about this: If President Franklin Delano Roosevelt hadn’t fought for what he believed in – i.e., the New Deal during the Great Depression – how would things have turned out for America?

Maybe supporting Bernie Sanders will not get him elected this year, but young people are coming out in droves to show that they are concerned about their future and the future of their children and grandchildren.

Those of us who are older and share the same concerns must show our support for them, the younger voters, to help them with the future of their country. They are not kids; they are brilliant voting young adults who see how corrupt America has become, and how well-off many other countries are.

We must help these young voters to perpetuate their cause and beliefs. With a great showing of support for Sen. Sanders, even if he doesn’t get elected, we’ll be sending a message to America that we and future voting generations demand a nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people” to prevail.

Please consider voting for Bernie Sanders and America’s future.

Bob Murray