Three of Maine’s so-called Democratic “superdelegates” – 1st District U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, Peggie Schaffer of Vassalboro and Maggie Allen of Madison – have announced that they will cast their official delegate votes for Hillary Clinton, no matter the outcome of the caucuses. That means that even if Bernie Sanders wins Maine decisively, as is likely, Pingree, Schaffer and Allen will ignore what Maine wants, and vote for the status quo candidate.

I’d like to urge these delegates, who have done such good work in their careers, to reconsider. The writing is on the wall, and it spells “CHANGE.”

Donald Trump is ascendant on the right. But if you look at who’s backing him, you find many former Democrats. His supporters, even those on the fence, see him as the only alternative in a race with Clinton.

I think the delegates have underestimated the revulsion that millions of Americans have toward Clinton, on both sides of the aisle. Hate talk radio and TV have amplified that feeling, yes, but for many, she personifies all that is wrong with their lives.

That’s probably unfair. But I would argue that, all emotion aside, Clinton’s hawkishness and anti-environmental record, especially on fracking, disqualify her as the right leader for our time.

If the delegates help Clinton gain the nomination, they may indirectly red-carpet a Trump presidency. His dark energy will draw immense strength from the negativity swirling around her. The more hostile and vicious his attacks on her, the more his support will rally.

The revolution is here, for worse or better. Let’s go with better.

Bernie Sanders can beat Trump. He embodies the matter necessary to neutralize Trump’s anti-matter. He offers CHANGE without racism, misogyny and bullying. I ask the delegates to vote with the people of Maine and make us proud.

Matt Power