Newspaper endorsements are the publisher’s prerogative, but their singular prominence carries a responsibility to be accurate and just. Justice requires addressing major concerns.

This paper’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton as Democratic presidential nominee (Our View, March 1) is accurate – and just in focusing on the problematic success of Bernie Sanders’ “political revolution” in a government owned by greed. It is unjust in ignoring Hillary Clinton’s major disqualifications.

Clinton’s tardiness regarding climate change is not leadership.

The hurried unilateral Iraq war, without cause, as millions recognized, that Clinton supported has cost countless lives, widespread misery and trillions of dollars; destroyed a country, and spread chaos while abetting Zionist racists’ push to control the Middle East in defense of the denial of Palestinian rights.

Sanders supports Israel but was not duped. Clinton champions militarism, domination and empire, from cluster bombs to arms sales to consulting mass-killer Henry Kissinger, endless war and denied human rights.

When Latin American governments rejected a Honduran military coup and the removal of a responsible democratic government, Clinton lied, greenlighted it and the consequent corruption, repression and drug violence: Serve dealers, flee or die.

The Clintons’ welfare reform cynically disappeared the chronically poor and has doubled hungry children. She fudges on universal health care.

Hillary and Bill Clinton supported NAFTA’s hit on American manufacturers and workers and the deregulation and repeal of Glass-Steagall, resulting in the 2008 financial crisis. Wall Street has enriched Hillary Clinton; its campaign $44.1 million buys her.

Clinton penal “reforms” have jailed millions, mostly black and Hispanic, needlessly.

Government exists to serve the common good – everyone’s good, not primarily corporate greed. The Clintons have repeatedly failed of that trust. Better that Bernie Sanders have limited success.

William H. Slavick