A quick glance at the Portland Press Herald “newspaper” confirmed that today (March 2) was apparently Bill Nemitz’s turn to provide the message of hate, derision, ridicule and condescension to anyone who dares see the world through anything other than progressive lenses.

Nemitz – who never has any facts to work with, only his opinion – apparently decided this would be a good time to dredge up that old liberal supposition that he and his progressive friends are much smarter than people who have political opinions that differ from theirs. He opined regarding supporters of Donald Trump: “Forget about (their) intelligence. It’s their utter lack of curiosity that’s truly stunning.”

Now, I’m hardly a big Trump fan, but I found this statement fascinating, coming from someone who probably voted for Barack Obama in 2008 – a man whose primary qualification to run the country was his experience as a “community organizer.”

In fact, almost every Democrat in the 2008 primary thought Obama was the least qualified of all the candidates to be president and said so. And many were, of course, subsequently accused of being racist. Nemitz and his colleagues in the liberal media had a noticeably “utter lack of curiosity” when it came to vetting Obama – they had their man.

I’d like to offer Nemitz some advice regarding this intellectual fantasy that he and his liberal friends seem to have: that people with different political opinions than theirs are stupid.

Maybe the next time he decides to insult the intelligence of tens of millions of people he’s never met, he should perhaps recall that he is, after all, a man in the middle to latter part of his life whose primary job accomplishment seems to be writing opinion columns for small newspapers. A little humility can go a long way, Bill.

Dave Johnson