If Rocky could have pulled off just one more victory, picking the Oscars would have been so much easier this year.

Only one person who entered our annual Oscar poll – Anne Page of Bath – made the right choices in all six major categories. But another five would have gone six for six if Sylvester Stallone, known to generations for playing a boxer named Rocky, had won in the best supporting actor category as predicted.

Stallone won a Golden Globe earlier this year in that category for playing Rocky, again, in the film “Creed.” His elderly Rocky was training the son of a former boxing rival, and much of the pre-Oscar buzz had him pegged as the favorite. But the lesser-known British actor Mark Rylance wowed critics and fans with his role in “Bridge of Spies” and took home the best supporting actor hardware.

Of the 176 people who took our poll on line, 76 picked Stallone. Several people who picked him didn’t see “Creed” but said everything they read made Stallone seem like a can’t-miss candidate. Plus, at 69, Stallone fits the “veteran actor finally getting his due” profile that often predicts a best supporting Oscar.

“I really studied it. I love the sport of (picking the Oscars) and even though I didn’t see ‘Creed,’ everything I read said he was a shoo-in,” said Paula Armstrong of Scarborough, who got five of six right in the poll. “I thought Mark Rylance did a nice job, but I didn’t think it was so outstanding.”

But the clear winner of this year’s poll, Page, did think Rylance was outstanding and went with her instinct. Based on what she saw on the screen, she put Rylance down for best supporting actor and scored a perfect six for six in the poll. Her prize, appropriately, is five movie theater tickets. Maybe she can use them to research next year’s Oscar picks.

“If anyone saw ‘Bridge of Spies,’ you would come out of the theater in awe of his supporting performance,” Page said of Rylance.

In our poll, we asked people to pick who would win best picture, director, actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress.

Only 21 participants picked Rylance for best supporting actor.

The category that the most people, 127, chose correctly was best actor. Leonardo DiCaprio won that award for “The Revenant.”

Poll takers also had trouble with was best picture. Only 42 got the correct choice, “Spotlight.” But that may be because there were eight nominees in that category and five in the others, so the odds of choosing correctly were longer.

As Armstrong said, picking Oscars is a sport, of sorts, for lots of people. Many people who take our poll see as many movies as they can, read all about them, and celebrate the Oscars with parties.

Christine Griffin, a retired eighth-grade teacher from Portland, hosts an Oscar party most years where she hands out tiaras and trivia quizzes.

Griffin said she tries to see all the best-picture nominees, at least, and knows “the minute I see it” which will win. So it figures she picked “Spotlight” correctly.

But like others in our poll she didn’t see “Creed,” which didn’t get a lot of Oscar attention outside of the buzz about Stallone. And perhaps people feel, if they’ve seen one “Rocky” movie (there have been seven so far), they’ve seen them all.

“Mark Rylance was incredible, but I went with Sylvester Stallone,” Griffin said. “I thought the picks were pretty easy this year.”

Easy to make picks perhaps, but not easy to be perfect