The Cumberland Town Council will soon consider removing the unusual stop sign on Blanchard Road heading east from the apple orchards, where Skillin Road comes in from the right. It makes someone driving straight or turning right come to a stop for no apparent reason. The Town hired traffic engineers who have recommended that the stop sign be removed because “there does not appear to be any reasonable explanation for it.”

A public hearing held in February was attended mostly by residents living at or near the intersection, who all wanted to keep the stop sign where it is, and the Town Councilors in attendance seemed swayed by their views. I was the only one pressing for its removal, despite the fact that everyone I have spoken with agrees the sign is silly.

Stop signs pollute the air with additional exhaust, cost money for extra gas, cause wear on auto engines and brakes, and waste time for the driver. If you agree with me that this particular stop sign should be removed, please attend the council meeting on March 14 to share your views, or send a councilor or the town manager a message that can be read at the meeting.

Chris Neagle

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