I write regarding the apartment complex at 61-69 Grant St.

As the Portland Press Herald (Feb. 25) reported: “Carleton Winslow of Portland, a member of two landlord associations … said he worked in the city code office in the 1970s and the Grant Street buildings were a problem back then. ‘I think the city bears some responsibility there,’ he said.”

I think the former landlord bears responsibility for more than two-plus decades of fire and building violations, including lack of fire and carbon monoxide detectors and faulty fire escapes. The property had not been inspected for seven years before last Aug. 4; even after another inspection in September, the property still failed fire safety standards.

I find it hard to believe the city inspectors’ statement to the Press Herald that the housing is not unsafe or substandard.

I live near Noyes Street, where the tragic fire, killing several tenants, took place in 2014. I hope and pray that the Grant Street neighbors don’t witness a similar tragedy.

Corinne F. Pickett