Matt Powers’ letter of March 2 is right on, although his solicitous courtesy toward the arrogance of Chellie Pingree and others announcing, beforehand, that they intend to thumb their nose at their own supporters is less fitting than your headline of “top Democrats scorn democracy.”

Hillary Clinton has won her victories only because of huge margins among older black voters, in downtown Des Moines (supplying the 0.2 percent margin in Iowa), in Las Vegas (supplying the 3.5 percent margin in Nevada) and throughout the South.

The same was true of her 1.5 percent margin in Massachusetts, and except for Massachusetts, where she beat Barack Obama by 19 percent in 2008, she has not won one state that is likely to vote Democratic in the fall. Bernie Sanders has won them all, Northeast, Midwest and West.

Hillary Clinton does not offer a demographic that can carry her to the White House. Black voters can’t do it alone, and 53 percent of Americans despise her. It’s not just unfavorable, and it’s longstanding. It ain’t going to change.

If she is the nominee, she will lose and lose big, taking the Senate and all of Obama’s legacy down with her.

John Craford

Cape Elizabeth