It should come as no surprise that I, as a lifelong registered Republican and a conservative, have supported the policies of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (when I lived in that state) and, more recently, Gov. Paul LePage after I moved here four years ago. That should not suggest they get a free pass on all of their shenanigans.

Much has been made of the two governors’ recent endorsement of Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, especially that of Mr. Christie following his bitter exchanges with Mr. Trump during his own brief run for the nomination.

Neither of the two share Mr. Trump’s politics, and both are more aligned with those candidates who remain in the race. What is going on here?

It would appear that, facing the end of their terms as governor of their respective states, both Mr. Christie and Mr. LePage are seeking to continue their government careers with a choice job in Washington, and see Mr. Trump as the most viable conduit to that end. Shamelessly pandering for his attention, they are both, in effect, prostitutes.

Michael A. Smith


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